Our doughnuts are made daily, from scratch, using only the finest ingredients possible, and no preservatives...ever! We use fresh, seasonal products and make everything in house from real ingredients—infused glazes, hand crushed compotes, flavored custards and creams, and even homemade pie crust and streusel crumble toppings.

Our doughnuts are fried in small batches every hour, guaranteeing each customer a fresh and warm treat. Flavor selection changes monthly, with a weekly Gluten Free option.

April 22

    huckleberry $3.75

    Oregon huckleberry cake doughnut with huckleberry glaze.

    butter & salt $3.50

    Vanilla bean cake with brown butter glaze and fleur de sel.

    saigon cinnamon crumb $3.25

    Slightly sweet, slightly spicy Saigon cinnamon cake doughnut, topped with sweet glaze and a house made cinnamon-almond crumble.

    old fashion $3.50

    Our take on a classic, buttermilk, nutmeg and cinnamon cake, topped with vanilla bean glaze.

    maple bacon $4.00

    Raised doughnut topped with pure Vermont maple syrup glaze and crips Niman Ranch bacon. *Served daily, while supplies last.

    choc a lot $3.50

    Our signature chocolate raised ring, topped with a house made chocolate glaze and cocoa nibs.

    madagascar vanilla glazed $3.00

    Classic raised twist or ring with vanilla bean glaze.

    basil eggs benedict $6.00

    Our Malasada style doughnut filled with poached egg, Benton's ham, and a house made basil hollandaise sauce. *Served daily until 11:30AM or while supplies last!

*10% of proceeds from this flavor will go to our monthly SideCares partner.

April 2018

    samoa $3.75*

    Our take on the classic Girl Scout Cookie, coconut and pineapple cake, topped with house made coconut glaze, caramel and chocolate sauces, and toasted coconut.

    rosemary lemon drop $3.75

    Lemon cake topped with a house made rosemary and honey glaze, finished with a rosemary and pink peppercorn crumble.

    birthday cake $3.50

    Vanilla bean cake, topped with pink vanilla bean glaze and rainbow sprinkles.

    lemon poppy seed $3.25

    Raised and topped with a house made lemon glaze and poppy seeds.

    thin mint $3.25

    Another ode to one of our favorite Girl Scout cookies, our signature raised chocolate ring topped with house made chocolate glaze and a fresh mint cream drizzle. *Available at Costa Mesa location ONLY.

    tiramisu $4.50

    Our signature raised bullseye topped with espresso glaze, mascarpone filling, coffee whipped cream, Callebaut Cocoa Powder, and a homemade lady finger cookie. *Available Friday-Sunday at our Costa Mesa location ONLY.

    apple fritter $3.50

    Served on Fritter Fridays ONLY, our take on a classic, made with fresh Granny Smith Apples and topped with house made apple cider glaze.

*10% of proceeds from this flavor will go to our monthly SideCares partner.

    butter & salt

    Week of 3/5

    birthday cake

    Week of 4/2


    Week of 3/19


    Week of 4/23

Allergy Warnings: 

  1. Please note we are NOT a gluten-free facility. While our gluten free flavors are made with gluten free ingredients, they are prepared in the same workspace as our regular doughnuts.
  2. Our facilities are also NOT nut-free. As above, all doughnuts are made in the same workspace, so those with severe nut allergies should be aware of potential cross contamination.
  3. Some of our doughnuts contain almond flour and/or almond extract. If you have an almond allergy, please be sure to ask your friendly doughnut server which flavors you should avoid!
  4. For all of you with peanut allergies, never fear – we fry our doughnuts in palm oil! So go ahead and enjoy ’em!

More Drinks

Everyone knows that doughnuts and coffee are a match made in heaven... But our drink selection offers a wide variety of other thirst quenchers to go alongside the World's Freshest Doughnut.

Whether you crave something hot or icy cold, we've got you covered!

We are always adding new, seasonal beverages, so be sure to stop in and see the latest!

    sidecar doughnuts blend

    Our signature blend intertwines rich chocolate and raspberry notes to create a sweet, well-balanced cup. Medium bodied and well balanced, our exclusive coffee is delicious black or with cream & sugar.

    sidecar cold brew coffee

    On draft! Our very own, rich and delicious cold brew coffee is sourced and roasted by our friends at Common Room Roasters.

    sidecar nitro cold brew

    On draft! Creamy and delicious with all the kick of our original Cold Brew Coffee, but with a smooth nitro-draft mouthfeel.

    black onyx mocha

    Sidecar's take on a traditional mocha, made with Black Onyx Cocoa, milk, and espresso.

    vietnamese iced coffee

    Known as Ca phe da in its native land (literally "ice coffee"), this delectably strong beverage is made with coarsely ground espresso brewed by the cup, sweetened condensed milk, and then stirred and served over ice.

    kusmi tea

    These fine purveyors of tea were born out of a small teashop in Russia in 1867. Now based in Paris, Kusmi is known for their eclectic flavors that combine sweet, spicy, and floral notes. And they come in really pretty tins too!

    cappuccino, americano, latte

    All your favorite espresso beverages are available hot or over ice, and are made with our signature espresso and premium milk.

    hot chocolate

    'Nuf said! Made with premium milk and Black Onyx Cocoa.


    On tap! We offer a rotating selection of seasonal Fermensch Kombucha, brewed in small batches right here Orange County using local, organic ingredients!