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Want to be a Sidecar ambassador?

Note: Ambassador applications for the 2021 #SidecarClub are now closed. Applications for the 2022 #SidecarClub ambassadors will re-open in December 2021.

Our hearts are in the communities where we serve, and partnering with those who live in these communities is important to us. Our Sidecar Ambassadors are members of our communities that are in love with Coffee and Doughnuts, and love to share their enthusiasm!


As an important part of the #SidecarClub, our ambassadors partner with us in promoting our products on their social channels and are invited to a yearly Ambassador Appreciation party where they receive free swag, doughnuts, and coffee. They may also be featured on our social pages.


And the best part!? #SidecarClub members also receive a free monthly gift card balance to spend at the shops!