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When we set out to tell the stories of compelling individuals around us, Pat Towersey was one of the first people that came to mind. A man driven by the authentic pursuit of creativity, community and excellence; we felt a strong sense of commonality with Pat’s story. Simply put, he inspires us, and we wanted to share that. Pat is a man familiar with the ups and downs of running a small, people-driven business. He is a man well acquainted with the deep-seated desire to provide quality products to quality people, and in so doing; build genuine community. Sound familiar? It does to us!

"The most important thing when you're starting a small brand or small business is that you are a part of the fabric of the community."

A SoCal native and something of a ‘local-legend’, Pat is a former pro-surfer turned style innovator. Getting his start with Nike/Hurley, Pat is now making waves with his unique creative project ‘Western Hydrodynamic Research’. ‘WHR’ (so-called by those in the know) describes itself as ‘a community based organization that provides immersive experiences, educational programs, and beach utility products… to be worn hard and forever.’ With a strong emphasis on sustainability, WHR seeks to merge the worlds of water-sports with utilitarian functionality and environmental responsibility.


We spent a few stellar, So-Cal days with Pat, who generously shared his deep passions with us. He took us free-diving in Laguna, we explored his workshop (where creative magic happens) and we spent a beautiful morning with his wife and 2 young children; who eagerly shared a few fresh, hot doughnuts with us. Pat is a family man and it’s very evident that he loves and prioritizes them. We saw it in the small details: playing catch with his son for a few minutes before school, talking kindly to his daughter and listening intently to what she had to say. His home is adorned with photographic memories of their together-ness and journey as a family.

"Happiness for me is a simple thread of being able to spend time in the environments I like to be in, and that’s with my family and in the ocean. Good life is just keeping things simple."

Pat continues to inspire us as he powers forward in the authentic pursuit of his creative dreams and the honoring of his deepest values. His story reminds us that people are the most important thing we’ve got, inspiring us to do and be better as a community-centric small business. You can connect with Pat via his social media channels listed below, and while you’re at it – why not try out his favorite order next time you’re in a Sidecar store!

"What that means, beyond just serving people, is that you’re also doing right by them by making a product that is high quality... realizing that the relationship with people is the most important thing."

Pat’s Usual Order – Butter & Salt, Hot Americano. Order Now