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If you cannot find the information you need on this page, please feel free to call either location or email us at


what are today’s flavors?

We offer a selection of daily flavors that are available year round, as well as a monthly assortment of seasonal flavors. Monthly flavors change the first of each month and run the duration of that month. Head to our Menu page to see what deliciousness we have today!

do you have gluten free or vegan options?

We offer a weekly gluten free flavor, but at this time do not have vegan doughnuts. Our gluten free option changes every Monday, and you can always find the current and upcoming flavors under the “Gluten Free” tab on our menu page.

However, please note that we are NOT a gluten free facility. While our gluten free flavors are made with gluten free ingredients, they are prepared in the same workspace as
our regular ingredients.

do you have nutrition info on your doughnuts?

We do not have nutritional information available on any of our products. However, we can tell you that we only use the highest quality ingredients possible, never use any preservatives or artificial flavors, and make pretty much everything right in house.

what kind of oil do you fry your doughnuts in?

Everyone with peanut allergies, rejoice… We fry our doughnuts in palm oil!

i love common room roasters coffee — can i buy it from you by the bag?

Why, yes, you can! We carry a rotating selection of Common Room Roasters single origin roasts available for purchase by the bag. We also carry our own signature Sidecar blend by the bag!

i want to place an order ahead of time — can i do that?

Of course! We can accommodate pre-orders of up to 5-dozen doughnuts via our website, using the online order form and guidelines found here.

We are also now working exclusively with Caviar and you can order for same-day pick-up via the following links:

Costa Mesa

Santa Monica

Please be sure to read the guidelines in full prior to placing your order! Also, please note that all orders are on a first come, first served basis and are based on availability.

I placed an order online and still have not heard back from anyone! Is my order confirmed?

If you placed your order via our website, please note that pre-orders are typically confirmed no later than the day prior to pick-up. If you are concerned about your order having been received, please call the location from which you placed the order directly.

If you placed your order via Caviar, please refer to their website for more information or call the store from which you placed the order directly.

do you deliver?

At this time, only our Santa Monica location offers delivery. You may place an order for same-day delivery with Caviar here. Please note that delivery is not available at all times and is based on availability of Caviar couriers as well as doughnuts/flavors.

Can you cater my wedding/office party/birthday/event?

At this time, we do not offer any sort of on-site catering. If you are interested in simply serving our doughnuts at your event, we can accommodate pre-orders of up to 5-dozen doughnuts for pick-up from either store location. Head to our Order page to learn more.

Do you offer discounts on larger orders/by the dozen?

We do not. Due to varying flavor prices, all doughnuts are priced individually, no matter the size of your order.

I need more than 5-dozen doughnuts — can you make an exception?

We wish we could, but sadly we cannot. Our doughnuts are prepared in small batches throughout the day, and our store locations have limited fryer capacity. As such, in order to keep up with storefront volume, the largest pre-order we can accommodate is 5-dozen.

do you do doughnut cakes?

We think they are super fun(!), but we do not do doughnut cakes. In the event that you would like to construct a cake made out of our doughnuts on your own, we can accommodate pre-orders of up to 5-dozen doughnuts for pick-up. You can get all the info on our pre-order guidelines (as well as place your order!) HERE.

what about mini dougnuts?

So sorry, but we do not. But might we suggest our Drop doughnuts? Depending on the month, you can get them in Buttermilk or Chocolate! Head to our Menu page to see what we are currently offering.

Can I order custom letters/numbers/colored doughnuts?

As much as we would love to, we are not able to do any sort of custom doughnuts. We only offer what is on our current daily/monthly menu.

I don’t live in Southern California ­— do you ship doughnuts? Or those cool coffee mugs?

Due to our commitment to freshness, we do not ship our doughnuts. Also, unfortunately at this time, our online shop is not quite up and running, so we cannot ship any retail items. But hey – what a great excuse to visit Southern California!

Do you have gift cards?

Yup! We have gift cards available in any denomination at either store location. Please visit us in Costa Mesa or Santa Monica to pick one up! If you do not live in the area, and would like to order a gift card for someone who is, please email and would would be happy to help.

I want to bring a Sidecar to my hometown — do you franchise?

Thanks so much for loving us so much that you want to bring us to your hometown! However, we are not quite at the franchise stage of our business plan. When we get there, we will update the website with all the pertinent information.