Our local community is at the heart and soul of everything we do at Sidecar, and we are dedicated to sharing our appreciation. Each month we will partner with a different charity/non-profit group, and will donate a portion of our proceeds to the group, as well as team up with them on specific initiatives, events, and/or anything else fun they might have going on. We hope you will join us in our efforts to save the world…one doughnut at a time!

this month’s partner:

The Lily Sanctuary

World Parrot Day is at the end of the month (May 31st, to be exact), so this month, in honor of this special day, we decided to team up with a distinctly unique organization for our SideCares program – The Lily Sanctuary!

The Lily Sanctuary provide loving sanctuary for homeless, unwanted, and special needs parrots in an in-home environment, ensuring quality care during residence, rehabilitation, and re-homing.

Many prospective parrot owners do not realize that parrots are high-maintenance animals with a life expectancy of decades. Buyers have long been attracted to these beautiful and majestic animals and purchase on impulse only to find that they are unprepared to fulfill their most basic needs. Highly social creatures, parrots are as emotionally complex as a chimpanzee or dolphin and as smart as a toddler.

The Lily Sanctuary is among the first parrot sanctuaries to provide truly in-home 24 hour supervision. Their parrots experience the normal activities, sounds and interactions they might find in their new potential home. They are provided with time in outdoor aviaries (weather permitting) to enjoy natural sunlight and room to play. The flock experience the sanctuary provides also helps them readjust from past issues. They learn from each other and rediscover joy, playfulness and trust.

The Lily Sanctuary is located in a private home in Fountain Valley, CA, and has anywhere from 25 to 35 parrots at a given time. They are mostly large parrots including: Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys and Amazons. Some parrots are available for adoption while others are permanent residents due to special needs or prior arrangements made, but they all need to be cared for equally. The parrots are given the highest level of care including time in the sun, daily baths and are fed only the highest quality foods.

To learn more about World Parrot Day, head HERE.

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