Our local community is at the heart and soul of everything we do at Sidecar, and we are dedicated to sharing our appreciation. Each month we will partner with a different charity/non-profit group, and will donate a portion of our proceeds to the group, as well as team up with them on specific initiatives, events, and/or anything else fun they might have going on. We hope you will join us in our efforts to save the world…one doughnut at a time!

this month’s partner:

A Walk On Water

 A Walk On Water provides water therapy through guided surf instruction to children with special needs.  Surfing is used as a tool to gain self-confidence skills and promote the therapeutic benefits of the sport’s positive effects. Children experience the true “stoke” of surfing and a sense of accomplishment as family and friends cheer them on from the beach.  Brothers and sisters also participate, helping to solidify an often-strained bond between siblings.  AWOW’s surf events focus on both the athletes and their families, who are treated to a well-deserved day of relaxation, healthy food and lifestyle guidance.

Surf Therapy events celebrate and honor courageous kids, adults and their families.  For one beautiful day at the beach, there are no labels.  Everyone is an athlete. The organization works closely with the local community, businesses and its volunteers and waterman.  It is a true collaboration of likeminded individuals brought together in service of a shared mission – to help others experience the calming and therapeutic effects of the electrifying, living ocean and in the process showcase the best of surf culture. AWOW’s extensive list of partners, along with their structure and volunteer base, bring each Surf Therapy event to life and facilitate an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone who attends.

Over 200 children with special needs and families experience the thrill of surfing and its therapeutic qualities each year through A Walk On Water.  The home base for A Walk On Water, and where a majority of events are held, is Bulito Beach, at “The Ranch” in Santa Barbara, CA.  Hollister Ranch is one of the singular aspects that makes AWOW unique.  The organization is incredibly grateful to be able to hold events at this sacred ground, thanks to the kindness of its philanthropically inclined property owners. AWOW exists largely because of amazing volunteers and the financial support of generous donors. Volunteers share a respect for their fellow man, the ocean and environment and most importantly: people in need.  AWOW’s events are meant to raise awareness not only to humanitarian needs, but environmental as well. Without a clean and safe habitat, athletes and their families will lose the ability to experience surfing and the stoke it provides.

Surf Therapy… and doughnuts and coffee healing us all!

2017 Surf Therapy events are planned throughout the year, with current events confirmed in Malibu, CA, Ventura, CA, Montauk, NY, San Clemente, CA, and Huntington Beach, CA.

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